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Excellent Staff

Our staff want to make a difference teaching your children. They are energized by working with children and are patient, reliable, loving and value family.

Excellent Programs

We have amazing online classes, 1 on 1 tutoring, parental support, English as a Second Language classes, and curriculum that meets the Utah Core Standards,

Welcome to Life Mission School

We are non-profit private school founded in 2013.

We believe everyone has a purpose in life, a mission or multiple missions to fulfill. We have individuals discover and fulfil thier life missions.

Your life mission might be inventing  a new prosthetic arm, saving endangered animals, raising amazing children, or helping uplift someone’s outlook. You may need certain training or skills to fulfil that mission.


Inspiring Parental Support

You and your child can find the ideal educational plan for your family. We can help you get there. We offer many resources and years of insights into how to manage home school, parenting, or schooling at home.

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K-12 Online Tutoring

Our group or 1 on 1 tutoring will give your child:

  • A truly personal learning experience.
  • Teachers who spark the confidence to succeed.
  • The skills your child needs to move forward.

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Meet our Amazing Teachers

Miriam Peterson


Miriam has her Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Brigham Young University.

Miriam has tutored for many years. She met with children independently on a regular basis and helped improve their reading and science testing scores dramatically. She has home schooled her 3 children full time for the last 18 years. Miriam has been the leader for the home school organization for San Juan County for 10 years. She organized educational classes and social events.