Dual Enrollment – High School and College

Students will take College Credit Classes that will also count for High School Credit. Any topic or subject can be studied. We have used Saylor Academy,  SNHU, USU for curriculum. In the consultation with student and parents, we will help the student find college options and get enrolled.

Group Support and Accountability Classes are held monthly between Aug and May. Students may attend online or onsite.

Students have access to teachers with phone calls, texts, or emails daily, and are guided in quality study habits and each student is given a one on one coaching session at the beginning of each college class in which a personalized daily study plan is created.

Grades 7-Adults

  • $100 consultation fee per year
  • $50 for one on one setup coaching session per college class
  • $350 per semester per college class
  • plus fees, books and supplies depending on classes.