Families are Strengthened

Parents in the School

Parents are required to volunteer 30 hours per student enrolled per school year. These hours could be fulfilled by other family members, like Grandma, Aunt, or cousins. Volunteers can be an aid to teachers, teach classes (Holiday Crafts, Scrapbooking, History, Art, Music, Science), or assist on workdays (build playground, repair school) and other methods of helping. Not all volunteer work needs to be completed during school hours. Having parents come teach helps avoid the attitude of “experts know better.”

One room school house

The school has a one room schoolhouse atmosphere. Teachers will emphasize sharing what you learn to reinforce knowledge. Older children will teach on a regular basis. Siblings are encouraged to work together, play together and learn together. Parents are able to come eat lunch with their children at the school and sit together as a family.

Group Power

When placed in a group, children seek to identify how they are individuals. They focus on how they are different from others in the group, creating separation. When the children in the group are various ages, the difference is obvious and more unity is gained.

Family Unity

Siblings are encouraged to bond with each other. We will start each day with a cooperation game, keeping siblings together for the game. The school promotes siblings to serve each other by recognizing the acts of unselfish service among siblings.

Above all else, children need to know and feel they are loved, wanted, and appreciated. They need to be assured of that often. … A crucial source for that feeling of being loved is love from other children in the family. Consistent care of brothers and sisters for each other will come only with persistent effort. – Henry B. Eyring

Family Schedule

Classes are offered virtually to promote family unity. School work can be completed online from anywhere. Families can schedule vacations when it works best for their family, and the students can still complete their school work. This helps families be in charge of their schedule instead of the school.